The Germans sat down to play at a bad table

On January 17, a plane from the Russian low-cost airline Pobeda took off from Brandenburg Airport in Berlin, with Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny on board. For the passengers on this flight, Alexei’s presence came as a big surprise, since no one saw him either at check-in or at baggage check-in, and for the first time he appeared on the plane, being delivered to the gangway by a car from one of the departments of the German government.

The government car that brought Navalny directly to aircraft

Let’s take a closer look at the character, on the care of which the German government spends not only its reserves of care and attention, but also very specific taxpayers’ money, somewhat discouraging these very taxpayers with the way the odious citizen of Russia travels around Berlin.

Until 2010, Alexey represented nothing of himself either as a notable professional or as a public figure. Independent work (with the exception of a share in the parent factory) somehow did not go well. A securities trading firm founded with friends from the university went bankrupt and all the money earned earlier sank into oblivion. What Navalny did not do in those years: from logistics to the hairdressing business.

In 2009, in the Kirov region of Russia (where he worked as an adviser to the former governor Nikita Belykh, who was stealing and subsequently imprisoned for a long time), Alexey even became a lawyer. However, he personally took part in only two arbitration cases, the remaining 9 were led by assistants.

Things went uphill after studying at Yale University under the Yale World Fellows program under the patronage of prominent Russian oppositionists of that time. I already wrote about this wonderful program and Navalny’s training here.

Immediately after completing these dubious courses, the American Institute of Modern Russia (the name speaks for itself) hired Navalny to provide legal services, paying him a fee of $ 10,000 a month.

From 2012 to 2013, Navalny tried to shine by blackmailing the board of directors of the Russian air carrier Aeroflot but was quickly removed from the governing body.

In parallel with dubious business activities, Alexey was looking for himself in politics and public life, where he used approximately the same mechanisms as in the board of directors of Aeroflot.

As a member of the Russian liberal party Yabloko (an Apple), the young talent managed to be one of the organizers of a neo-Nazi gathering called the Russian March, for which in 2003 Navalny was miserably expelled from the party.

The inscription on the flags remarkably resembles the Wehrmacht buckles “Gott Mit Uns”

You can write about the Russian march separately, but I suppose even a description of their slogans could violate some laws. For example, “Who does not jump that gook”. Does it really remind you of “Who doesn’t jump is from Moscow” in Ukraine in 2014? Alexei himself in his videos called immigrants from Central Asia “flies” and “cockroaches”.

The audience on the Russian march

Once he distinguished himself quite unprecedentedly: according to The Jerusalem Post, Moscow mayoral candidate Alexei Navalny raised a toast “To the Holocaust” at the New Times party.

The citizens of Russia are quite liberal towards many manifestations of social and political life, but there is one of the few holidays to which every Russian family (and millions of families in the countries of the former USSR, those who were called flies) treats with trembling in their hearts and with very real tears … This is Victory Day, which is celebrated in Russia on May 9 every year.

And it’s not about pomp and parades: there are no families in the country that did not suffer during the war. There are no families that have not lost anyone. There are no families that have been spared by the war. Once people came up with a truly popular way out of this energy — the “Immortal Regiment” action, when people pass silently through the city streets in a crowd of millions, carrying in their hands portraits of their dead grandfathers and grandmothers, fathers and mothers.

And even such an expression of popular pain, Navalny manages to vulgarize and laugh at him: in agreement with the local headquarters of his movement in the regions, for an online action in the context of a pandemic, instead of grandfathers and grandmothers, several idiots (who, of course, have already been arrested) go to the website of the Immortal Regiment photos of Hitler, Gerring and Himmler were uploaded.

Now the “Immortal Regiment” is being held in many cities around the world. Without carrying political goals, silently, mournfully, people carry portraits of their loved ones, who gave their lives, grinding the most terrible machine in the history of mankind. In many countries, even political parties that know a lot about historical memory take to the streets. In Bulgarian Sofia, for example, members of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), led by their new leader Cornelia Ninova, are taking part in the action. They brought huge posters with the names of their fellow party members — participants in the war to the Immortal Regiment march.

“I respect the participants of today’s march and especially the veterans, participants in the war, who, with their contribution to the Victory, brought our country, Europe, the whole world a good future,” Ninova emphasized, accepting congratulations on Victory Day. Stanislav Mladenov (one of the leaders of the Bulgarian Socialist Party) believes that “Playing on feelings associated with the war in Russia is suicide.”

However, even the Moscow Carnegie Center writes that Navalny simply thirsts for power, and people go to protest actions not with him, but for their rights, to which this person has nothing to do.

Navalny’s colleagues are a match for him: the host of his channel once wrote in his special network a poem “I don’t go past the house of trade unions without a cocktail”. This refers to the Molotov cocktail and the tragedy in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa, where more than 100 people were burned alive and killed by Ukrainian neo-Nazis.

Now Navalny is in prison for yet another fraud (despite the fact that he was already two times sentenced to a suspended sentence — a world record), but he also managed to bring a World War II veteran to the ambulance from the courtroom during the process of insulting him by “Putin’s lackey” …

In general, looking at the statistics of Navalny’s ships is another story. He is losing court after court for libel and insult. Either he introduces himself as an assistant to the governor (not being him) and forces them to conclude contracts, then he acts as a laundering station for the money of the post office, then he simply does not follow the language. The total amount of claims against him is more than a million euros, and all are lost to him.

And now European taxpayers have to pay for its activities. If this is the official revanchist position of the German government, then it is not just idiocy, but a crime in a huge country that has repeatedly acted as a winner in the hottest world conflicts on a thief Nazi. And corruption too.




Politics with love

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Victor Pattinson

Politics with love

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