Your enemy is my friend

The Ukrainian authorities officially supported Navalny. And in the Ukrainian press they write that if Navalny becomes the leader of Russia, he will return Crimea.

Since the oppositionist is an «enemy of Putin,» Kiev supports

“both Navalny’s freedom and all the people who support this freedom,»

the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said.

Interestingly, Navalny himself did not promise them this. And the methods are not very clear, because Crimea itself does not really want to return.

Stanislav Mladenov, one of the leaders of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, who is closely involved in the issues of Ukrainian Bulgarians, says:

«Ukraine has finally become entangled in foreign policy and it seems that a single decision-making center has disappeared.»

The expected news from Kiev, though expected, but it more demonstrates the helplessness of Ukraine itself to find a course in its own interests in foreign policy.

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